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                             The World Anti Fascist Series Number Two

                                         The Oriental Down Broken



       From my very childhood the movies on national anti—Japanese War kept on showing in cinemas when the typical Japanese invaders in yellow army uniform with a gun to his shoulder and a bayonet long and sharp impressed upon my mind. For all Chinese men of my age almost no one can forget such image of Japanese soldier in their childhood movies. But for the anti—Japanese war that ended 71 years ago, only a few can systematically recount all the victories, failures and event that happened in that age. This novel as an literature creation based on the actual does not serve us as an history book. It is a work similar to the Schindler’sListwhich vividly described the struggle of the hidden line beyond the enemy’s frontier. The struggle was conducted by the Communist Party of China when it is a national but weak military force compare with Japanese Royal Armywhich were armed to the teeth. The disadvantage is apparent to see, but those comrades of the anti—Japanese line fight in spite of all the difficulties.

       Now I would present to people of the world my English translation on the stories and thrilling events and interpret as well as introduce the language points during translation along with the historical settings. For all these work my intention is neither to provoke the national hatred between the Japanese and Chinese nation nor to seek revenge in the future or to attack civil Japanese people who love world peace and observe law. We as Just Chinese men should take the international responsibility to protect all the peaceful foreigners in China, the Japanese included. While we should develop into greater depth the friendly relations between Chinese people and Japanese people with an objective historical retrospect, thus I discovered the necessity to mention this Chinese work again.




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The Oriental Down Broken(F)
The Oriental Dawn Broken(T)
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                  A Brief Summery

The Oriental Dawn Broken is the second full length novel created byChinese female writer Ms.YangMo. The whole story was divided into three books.

The novel depicted the magnificent national struggle inthe enemy occupied area in north China during the anti-Japanese War.It revealed to us the bumpy way of growth for the patriotic youth in that eraand their involvement in the national revolution, reflecting the complexrelations among different social classes and presenting the grand panorama of spectacularwar for national liberation. The novel also created several active Japanese charactersof justice who protest against the Japanese militarist, eulogizing the long andintimate friendship between these two nations.

This is the book one of the series. In the sound ofthe artillery from Lugo Bridge, a female graduateof a medical academy in BeiPing Miss. LiuMing bumped into a young communist memberMr. CaoHongYuan. The girl followed him to the anti-Japanese military base in Mount TaiHang.Later, Mr. Cao soon had to return to the enemy occupied BeiPing for thepurchase of necessary medicines. After a few twists and turns he won over ajustice Japanese doctor of medicine Mr. Sasaki through the joint effort with oldprofessor Mr. MiaoZhenYu. Cao completed the task successfully by taking theadvantage of the contradictions between the great Japanese spies Umemura andEstradiol. While Miss.Liu stayed in the anti-Japanese base and experience the anti mopping up campaign,thus became a real revolutionary soldier and doctor. Book one closely encircledthe story of medicine purchase and focus on Miss. Liu’s experiences and emotionaldisputes presenting to the readers the situation of north China after the out brokeof Lugo Bridge incidence when the curtain had raised for the nationalanti-Japanese war. In the mean time the novel described the Chinese people’sself-realization and waking up under the torment of Japanese invaders. Soonmany characters in the books revealed his or her real portrait.      

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The Oriental Drawn Broken(F)
The Oritental Before Drawn Broken(T)
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"Taking the advantage of "(F)
"Taking advantage of "(T)
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    我已到暮年。可是,直到今天,引起我无限美好、无限幸福的回忆的,不是大城市里和平安静的生活,不是个人的什么“功名成就”,也不是饱览外国绮丽风光的愉快,更不是什么儿孙满堂的福气……。究竟是什么呢? —那就是我在抗日战争时期的一段充满血和火的斗争生活。那是我一生中最美好、最幸福的日子。
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                    A Few Lines from the Author

In the long river of human history, the individuallife appears like a flash of lightening or a meteor that scratched over thenight sky. But to every one of us who lives in the society, the life is longand bumpy. It has its own joy and it own bitterness. Sometimes you travel onthe uneven road while other times it left with you lucky and beautifulmemories.

For me, it is the same.

I’m yet in my middle age. But until todaywhat can evoke my most lucky and beautiful memory is not the peaceful live incosmopolitan city, nor it is personal fame or accomplishments, nor it is thehappiness of going sight seeing in exotic foreign countries, never mention thegood fortune of having an extended family with sons and grand sons. Then, whatcounts to my happiness? It is a life of struggle during the anti-Japanese war,a life full of wars and battles, live and death. That preserved in my personallife as the most lucky and beautiful experience.

The War has past for nearly 30 years. But thestory engraved in my heart like a master hand ever did it—a delicate one with vigorand vividness glazing with the light of youth. It also serves like an engine ofmagic strength that propels us forward for ever. As soon as I recalled that ageI feel lucky and confident as if drunken with sweet wine.  

With time passes many years had flowedaway. Now, when I recall that period no experience before or after can be comparable. I love that life and proud for being involvedin the epic like national struggle for freedom. I did not spend my youth invain. From literature point of view, if I did not take part in the nationalstruggle where I accumulated abundant life experiences it is impossible for meto grow up to be a soldier in the culture line and wrote something for thepeople.

Maybe for I frequently remember that life,remember the portrait and voice of the young who sacrificed their lives in thestruggle I prepared to write a full length novel to present the scene ofanti-Japanese war long before. I had participated in the struggle and witnessedthe history. I had the responsibility to present the idea and portraits of thepeople then to let the after coming know the victory of China’srevolution and our socialist country does not come easily. The present livewere won on the life and blood by the million.

The year 1972 is when the gang of four prevailedChina, I moved to a farmhouse in suburban of the BeiJingwhere is called XiangShan to initiate my book secretly. Why shall I do itsecretly? For under the culture dictatorship of the gang of four, the rulergrabbed from my hand my pen.  They won’tallow people in my style of literature creation to continue writing. But I didnot listen to them and did not listen to the dissuasion from some of my friendsand relatives. I decided to start up. I insisted the several severe winters andhot summers that followed bent down writing even in bad health. Some goodhearted friends had come to give me warning that the female leader of the gangof four JiangQing frequently paid her visit to XiangShan and if she asked toread your script then it might be too bad for you. I smiled to my friends. Ifshe wanted to read then let it be. I do not care. So many of my young fellowsoldiers sacrificed their lives young and I already past my fifty how can Ifear death if the most severe punishment is death? So I continued my writing. Fromthe year of 1972 to the year of 1976, I finished my draft work in around 70thousand words. Soon the gang of four was stroke down and my draft work can betaken out to be read. But then I encountered new problemmy work looks like a crafts of weave that had beendone in the darkness when taking out to the light many defects and failures canbe detected. I felt the work was severely poisoned by the three outstandingtrends in the portrait of hero: outstandingly higher, outstandingly greater andoutstandingly complete. It is like a bowl of half—cooked rice. I not only hatethe gang of four but also hate my low level of profession. I had said: “I willvomit out what I have taken in that wrong trend.” The bitterness and lost wasthe kind that can not be described by words.

From then on I decided to rewrite thenovel. I would try my best to complete it. There are many defects in the draftwork: some characters were modeled to be too perfect and unreal. The affairsconcerning love were described too slightly and depart with only a few strokes.Further more the novel lack the detailed description on feelings andpsychological conflicts of the heroes and heroines…… Generallyspeaking I had to check and modify the imperfect and try my best to present thefigures and events collectively which deserve praising and mourning. As soon asI was set free in mind the life experiences accumulated during the days sprungout like a fountain. After the modification and rewrite my novel mighty countto 1.2 or 1.3 million words and divided into three books. After more than oneyears struggle the first book has by now completed and ready to face thereaders. The draft work of the second and the third book has formed by now. Iwill struggle to have they modified and face the reader as soon as possible. Allmy contributions accredit to pay for my fellow soldiers who sacrificed theirlives in the war and the people I love. In the mean time I want to contributeto the four modernizations with my work and add a small flower to the culturespring of our socialist country.

Lastly I’d to thank comrade TongYuHeng whogave me add in completion of the first book TheOriental before Dawn Broken. This book retold the story of purchasing medicinein the enemy occupied area for the Eight Route Army, but in fact I had neverworked in the enemy occupied area thus possess no related experiences. In thisrespect comrade Tong provide with quantities of material for he had been assignedto work beyond the front line.

The beautiful threads should be woven intofresh and shining flowers. I have the threads ready but my technique of weavingcan not be counted as good so I tried my best but only made this plain flowerto present to the reader. Now the west wind is whistling outside the window andmy heart is as cold for I feel sorry that I mighty not satisfy the readers whoexpect on my work enthusiastically.


                                                                                       Dec. 26th1979 BeiJing   


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       The willows by the river of YongDing turned green and prosper. When a clear wind blew the flexible willow branches and leaves patted the water surface and stirred up ripples after ripples……
       The village men were taking the nap and everywhere was in silence. Green fragrance of growing rice was sweetly spreading over in the air. Only waves of cicadas voice could be heard, which broke the quietness of the fields.
        A girl student of eighteen or nineteen was walking along the path in the rice paddies and gradually reached the willow woods by the river. The sound of human stopped the cicada voice and a bird suddenly flied out from the trees. The girl is slender with short cut black hair curved in the forehead to her brows. She wore starched light blue cheongsam that was fashionable with girls of the time, a pair of socks and pair of black shoes with a belt across for each. The girl dressed herself simply. She reached the dyke in her light steps and sat herself on the sand dune looking into the water and meditating.     

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"Only waves of cicadas voice"(F)
"Only waves of hot and disturbing cicadas voice"(T)
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The willows bythe river of YongDing turned green and prosper. When a clear wind blew the flexible willow branches and leaves patted the water surface and stirred up ripples after ripples……

The village men were taking the nap and everywhere was in silence. Green fragrance of growing rice was sweetly spreading over in the air. Only waves of cicadas voice could be heard, which broke the quietness of the fields.

A girl student of eighteen or nineteen was walking along the path in the rice paddies and gradually reached the willow woods by the river. The sound of human stopped the cicada voice and a bird suddenly flied out from the trees. The girl is slender with short cut black hair curved in the forehead to her brows. She wore starched light blue cheongsam that was fashionable with girls of the time, a pair of socks and pair of black shoes with a belt across for each. The girl dressed herself simply. She reached the dyke in her light steps and sat herself on the sand dune looking into the water and meditating.

The roaring river YongDing with its muddy water has disappeared by nowit flows slowly andtranquilly. How the tranquil flow and the light colored clouds above looks likethe manner of the girl’s calm meditation— her peaceful look on the face withher eyes gazing at the current freezing there for long.  

Suddenly a pair of hands screened her eyes. The girl patted on the hands lightly and smiled to say:

“Little Miao,why don’t you take the nap?”

Miao released her hands, she giggled and said:

“Then, why don’tyou take the nap? Sister Ming. Why should you steal your way here by the river?You are here to appreciate the scene, to make a poem or something else?”

The tall LiuMing smiled to the fat MiaoHong slanting her head slightly to one side and said seriously:

“Little Miao,when did I ever think of making a poem? I just want to think over something peacefully. I discovered this place in my morning walk and when I can not fall asleep at noon I went here.”

MiaoHong jumped up like a child, then sit side by side with LiuMing. She laid her hand on the friend, open wide her doll-like glittering eyes and asked in surprise:

“Sister Ming,what are you thinking about? Anything mysterious that you should find a quiet place as this and fixing your eyes on the water……”

“Silly girl, how should you have such a loose tongue and inquire of everything? I won’t tell you.”

“Don’t behavelike this please, I beg you Sister Ming. Please tell me or I won’t let you go!”MiaoHong took her hand away and slipped to stand by a willow stamping her foot to pretend being in anger.

LiuMing stood upthen walked slowly to Miao, her big glittering eyes still fixed on the water meditating. After a long while did she turn to MiaoHong who stood by her side and said in soft voice

Little Miao, the school had summer vacation in advance, the classes shut and the laboratory locked. I can’tget into the classroom that’s why I am worried.”

“Look! Look!”LiuMing intervened in before MiaoHong finished with her words. She pinched on a willow branch and slightly stroked on her friend: “You determined to step on the altar of medicine and got crazy in it! But it won’t do how crazy you are. Please go and enjoy yourself with BaiWuShi just like what GaoYongYa and I did. If it is not for you I won’t grudge to depart him……”

LiuMing took aside glance on Miao, scratching her slim and white fingers on the cheek and said:

“How cheeky you are! Get back to your city life then. Don’t let your boy friend scold on me.”

“He may scold onyou but I won’t. I can’t grudge the pain to leave you. Sister, don’t worry! We should blame the Jap. Why not take the opportunity to take part in the anti-Japanese activity? ”MiaoHong dragged on LiuMing’s arm all naïve in the face.

“How simple minded you are!” Liu looked back seriously. Her eyes are not as big as Miao’s but clear and crystal rippling with glaze like a lake flashing with sunlight: “Little Miao, the situation are turning worse. It just like some of our classmates said: north Chinais big but not big enough to set up a desk to read quietly. I major in medicine and expect day and night that I can…… But just look! In spite of the propaganda on newspaper the important medical instruments had been incased and transported to the south before the vacation. Without those instruments how can we do laboratory? If we stopped the learning everything will be in vain and how canwe face our mother and father who saved the money for our learning?”

MiaoHong is blinking her eyes as if she did not understand the word. Insight of LiuMing’s worried look she smiled naughtily instead:

“Sister Ming, Just look! You worry the things that do not concern us. China is so big even if the Jap invaded here we still should have somewhere to continue our study. My father said it Japanese invaded north China he would go to the south with all our family. He knew someone in the GuoMingDang party and he still can workas a professor there. Is it all the same if we follow him south to study?”

“No, it’s not the same.”LiuMing shook her head, “Iwill stay in north China.I won’t move anywhere else. Just think. My father earn so little as a primary school teacher and it is difficult to feed the household. I had to teach as a governor and earn a few coppers to make up for my family expense. How can I be so hard hearted to throw away my parents and brother to go elsewhere? Further more how can I make a living there, never mention to go to school.”

MiaoHong keep her eyes wide open and stared LiuMingas if in the thinking. She said:

“Sister Ming, maybe you are right. Look. I had not thought of the difficulties in life……Ok. You need not follow me south. I will stay with you in BeiPing. Anyhow I would not separate with youand I would follow you wherever you go.”

LiuMing smiled a little and said:

“These words are not from the bottom of your heart.I you follow me then what about your Mr. GaoYongYa? You utter his name several times a day if you did not see him. Can you grudge the pain to depart him?”

MiaoHong slightly patted on LiuMing, she said with her eyes wide open:

“My attachment to him can not be compared by the attachment to you. Sister Ming, do you believe that he really love me?”

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Analysis: The setting indicate the year should be around 1937, for the Japanese had not invaded north China but already hold the north east three provinces in their hand. Why the author said: “China is big but not big enough to set up a desk for reading?” When the invader come everything will be impossible even if there could be school they will practice the enslaved education to eliminate the national spirit. MiaoHong is an immature girl by then, she can’t understand the situation. But LiuMing is much elder she can partially know the after affect. Yes, Miao can move to south China to continue learning but the idea is naïve for Japan want to invade whole China.      
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"I had to teach as a governor."(F)
"I had to teach as a governess" (T)
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“I do believe. He loves you and I know you love him……”LiuMing showed her white tooth and a dimple in the talking. She smiled.

LiuMing is a sophomore at BeiPing medical academy. Her father LiuQing is poor primary school teacher. He can’t afford his daughter’s cost and fee in the academy in the beginning. But LiuMing is so anxious to learn and desired to be a practiced doctor or a professor in the medical academy. So at her sixteen when she graduated from senior high school she took to governess work by the introduction of her classmate to teach children from rich families, through which she earned a few extra pennies every month to make up for the family expense. The hardship of making a living, the ideal of becoming a professor and scholar, all these made her study hard. But after September the 18th incident when the Japanese imperialists invaded China and especially through December the 9th students demonstration, LiuMing started to care for national affairs while insisted her hard study. She had even joined the student’s union and took part in a military drill held together with the soldiers and officers from 29th Route Army along with MiaoHong.

MiaoHong is a high school classmate of LiuMing. She majors in vocal music and study at BeiPing Art Academy. Her father is a medical doctor who had studied in Japan and now works as professor in BeiPing Medical Academy. LiuMing often went to him for reference concerning medicine, for which she developed a closer tie to MiaoHong. Liu behave like an elder sister, she studies hard, commit things carefully and keeps her temple gentle. All these qualities made the innocent and enthusiastic MiaoHong keen to her.   

LiuMing’s mother is a daughter from a peasant’s family who dwell themselves at village XiaoLiu near the LuGou Bridge. When the school had the vacation in advance the depressed LiuMing decided to go to her grandmother’s family for a few days and invited MiaoHong to accompany her. MiaoHong had got bored with city life and willing to go to the rural place to extend her view. As she firstly came to the village, the poetic nature scene attracted her much. So the enthusiastic girl often drew some of her friends and went to the dykes, the willow woods or the sand dunes for singing or for a walk. She got lost in the amazement of the beauty from nature. The girl had a round voice and wide range of vocal sound. She loves singing On the River SongHua, the Anthem for Graduation, Women in the New Trend, Marseillaise, Defend Madrid, the Anthem of the Fishmen. All these are splendid pathetic anthems and she often took delights in singing to neighboring girls. Some times singing solo and sometimes singing in pair. The by passing peasants and their children frequently threw astonished glance at these two girl students who came from the city and who wore strange expression on their faces. But the two of them just behave themselves and cared nothing.

Today the depressed LiuMing walked to the sand dune by riverside singly then MiaoHong followed up.

They had not sit down for an anxious and melancholy talk when a peasant girl at eighteen or nineteen was running towards them on the zigzagging path among sorghum and corn leaves with a basket for gathering hay on her back. The girl has a thick and black pigtail also and she is shouting with her crisp voice in her running:

“Sister Ming, sister Miao. Where are you now? Grandma Shi is anxious to find you two!”

The hay gathering girl is in a pink wide neck-lined shirt with spotted flower prints, pale green trousers and a pair of black shoes made of cloth with a bunch of flow embroidered. Perceiving the girl running towards them, LiuMing slightly dragged on MiaoHong and the two hided themselves behind a big tree.

The incoming girl was named ZhouXiangLan. She had a half basket of hay on her back looking here and there on the bank but could not find a figure. Suddenly she heard the giggling of MiaoHong and laid down her basket approaching us in a run. The girl pinched slightly on the white and tender cheek of Miao then said with her mouth pout:

“The two naughty girls of you, I exhausted in finding you in such a hot day. Why should you hide? Are you afraid of being caught by devious cat like the mouse’s worry? ”

This girl is a neighbor of LiuMing’s grandma. She grew up together with LiuMing. Though LiuMing had turned into a university student, she still harbored thick friendship with her childhood fellow. Through the favorable feeling towards LiuMing, MiaoHong also began to like this beautiful girl.

MiaoHong looked pleased and said:

“XiangLan. Why should grandma Shi seek us? Tomorrow you would get married and be a bride. How can you not hurry home and prepare for your dowry? How can you still be here gathering the hay?”

XiangLan’s face suddenly turned red. She punched the back of MiaoHong and gasp out:

“Grandma Shi had find husband for you and call for you to meet him! Follow me home or you will miss him.”

Hearing what XiangLan said, instead of angry, MiaoHong beat the time in tune, smiled and said:

“Find me a husband? Grandma Shi cares me so much! My parents had find me too many but I refused all. This small husband, I had to find for myself. He will be counted only when
I love him. Sister XiangLan, did you find your husband that WangYongTai for yourself? Tomorrow my sister and I will go to your husband’s home for the feast. You only have a grandpa, is that so?”

The face of the girl flushed like a red rose. Her nimble eyes were blinking the moment when she stared astonishingly at MiaoHong and the LiuMing who just stand by smiling. The girl laid the index finger on face and slightly scratched to make MiaoHong shamed.

“To find a husband for yourself is nothing shameful, you feudalist elder sister!” Miao smirked. She does not mind.

“Why grandma is seeking us?” not until this moment did LiuMing opened her mouth to ask XiangLan.

“Grandma is afraid that you might encounter evil man if you run about in the time for taking the nap when there is no one around to care. She is walking like ants in worry. So I am here to find you. The naughty girls of you two please follow me home.”

“What are you afraid for? Look. How tranquil it is here. Let’s stay a little longer.” LiuMing Begged

XiangLan nodded her head and said: “Ok. So that I can gather much more hay for the family.”

Analysis: It becomes clearer that the setting is somewhere near LuGou Bridge. The story begin with several happy and naïve girls, among them LiuMing had initially developed a sense of patriotism and she had an aim and social ideas. MiaoHong also could be counted as female in the new trend but only in the selection of husband. Beside this she took all things too easily, she did not seem to know that new trend can not be attained without struggle and there is a national catastrophe ahead.   

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