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The moment LiuMing stepped into her house, BaiShiWu again sat there waiting for her. He dare not go to the rural battle ground to seek her so he visited her home everyday. He went there at least twice a day to see if she has returned. Finally she arrived, this fair look young man got excited. He got hold of her hand with tears in his blinking eyes:

“My hero, little Liu, you come back at last! Don’t you know I visit your home twice or thrice a day or stay home murmuring the scriptures in the Chinese Ghost Story—my! Should that be counted as poem or drama lines—“I’m looking forward to, the sea was see through. When she can be home? I harbor her; I hate her. I went fortune telling with a pair of red shoes held firm……

When LiuMing saw the BaiShiWu gossip with her and quote the ancient lines for love in face of her father, she flushed all in a sudden…… She drew back her hand, whether it is a real anger or pretended, she does not know. But she said in contempt to BaiShiWu:

“BaiShiWu, Don’t behave so daring. Keep discipline and stay on the bench then talk.”

This Bai sat on the worn bench with coming off paint. He looked up at LiuMing and wanted to say something but dare not.

Oh. My silly girl, you came back finally! Where have you been all these days? I almost worried to death. Childe Bai, also worry about you—Look! He lost so much weigh in the worry that he thinned almost a round. He visited us twice a day in such hot weather and it is all for you…… My daughter I warn you, never return to that dangerous place again. If the heaven will collapse it fell on the mass but what does it help if you rush to the front being a girl only? Stay home quietly and walk along the childe Bai, and enjoy with the young……

“Mother, why should you keep gossiping about it? Did I go there to pickpocket or to be a traitor?” LiuMing was favored by her mother from the beginning so when she spoke to mother she often keeps her ironic tone. “The front went so hot. I am one of Chinese young and a student, some even choose to be a warrior there. What I did is only to station near the front that is to say stay in my grandma’s to nurse the injured. Look how anxious you are. You can keep an outsider but how can you prevent others to get involve in?”

“Stop it little Liu, I also served a lot to the anti-Japanese activity these days!”

BaiShiWu made a hurry to express.

“What did you do for it then?” LiuMing switched her eyesight to the BaiShiWu, “Didn’t you say that you visit my house twice a day and told your fortune with the turtle shell at your home? Then, can you still spare time for anti-Japanese activity? I can’t believe!”

“I can, I can!” This childe Bai got excited and he couldn’t stop talking: “Little Liu, I report to you: firstly I took part in the donation team. I led my classmates and friends to my rich relatives to collect the donation. I also donated and gave out a thousand pieces of silver individually to the donation department of the student’s union. That only from myself and those I persuaded are not counted in……” At this BaiShiWu seems to be messed up by something, he stared at LiuMing blankly without a word.

“But what’s the second and third? Continue.” LiuMing couldn’t help investigating.

“For the rest, well, I wrote propaganda articles for anti-Japanese then.” Before LiuMing could add something her mother inserted to stop such impolite childish inquiry to her respected childe Bai:

“Say, my silly girl. Go to have your face washed and your clothes changed. I have been in such a hurry and how can you behave like a university student. Dusty all over and oily stain on the face! How can you live to be a rich daughter-in-law in the future……”

Mother you should seal your mouth!” LiuMing was angered, she stood up and running outside.

“Little Liu! Little Liu! Where are you heading for?” BaiShiWu chased her out.

“I went to wash my face.” LiuMing turned back and flashed a smile.

The bright and clear moonlight galvanized the five dragon pavilion in Park BeiHai. The water is rippling with silver lights steaming with fog. The dyke is surging with the fragrance of flower and shaded in green woods. All is dream like, a fine mixture of tranquil gracefulness. BaiShiWu sat by LiuMing on the bench, his eyes behind the gilded frame glasses fixed firm on the face of LiuMing as if to catch every instance of change there.

“Little Liu, let me hold your hand, all right? Don’t be so frozen cold! Yes, I should add beautiful as cherry and peach. So it is frozen cold and cherry like beauty. That’s you and framed the portrait of you. What did you have in the mind with your eyes fixing on the water? Can you exchange hearts with me and do you know how many things I want to say to you. LiuMing felt a pair of warm hands hold tight on hers. In face of the beautiful scene, in face of the passionate love, in face of the handsome boyfriend, LiuMing’s heart was moved and can not draw back her hands.

They sat in this way silently for a long while.

“Little Bai, loosen your hands. I also have some thing in my heart to say to you.”

Little Bai loosened his hands suddenly but his face almost touched LiuMing’s.

“Little Liu, hurry it out! I expect it day and night. I expect you to tell me the things in your heart……”

LiuMing turned her face away from Bai’s but still in silence. Under the moonlights by the watersides, her face emerges especially tranquil beauty.

“You conceited prince! I really have no way to deal with you…… Say it, tell me. Who can you tell beside me?”

Analysis: LiuMing’s mother has feudalist concept she thought that it is enough for her daughter to live as a rich daughter-in-law in a rich family. But I discovered that at this stage LiuMing has already gotten in touch of the patriotic concept, the concept of national independence. For sure she will later develop into the concept of individual liberation and independent. So the rich lady’s life could become a manacle to her, she is highly possible to betray and rebel. But there is the old system to block her. Then, the war may be a dangerous thing but highly possible a way to liberation. Just like what the author said in the opening that the author think her year in fighting for national independence serves not as regret but a life of significance and great interest. The portrait of LiuMing must be highly influenced by what the author feel for herself and highly possible a portrait of the author herself.     

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“哎呀,我以为你有什么心事要对我说呢,原来是这些。”白士吾掩饰不住失望的神色,一下子又把柳明的手紧紧握住,“花前月下只应当卿卿我我。可是,你却在令人陶醉的月光下,跟我谈你的伤员。小柳,我知道你一片爱国之情,我和你一样,何尝不关心战事,不关心国家的命运呢! 可是,你却在令人陶醉的月光下,跟着我谈你的伤员。小柳,我知道你是一片爱国之情,我和你一样,何尝不关心战事,不关心国家的命运呢!可是,我们已经尽力了我们的一份力量,也算可以了。咱们好不容易相聚在今宵,还不该谈点个人的事么?”







“My Dear, 为了你,我什么时候都愿意牺牲。你信么?只要咱们在一起,你说怎么都行。”

















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LiuMing bended over and picked up a stone. She threw it withall her strength into the water soon the original bright silver lights wasshattered into countless golden ripples as if countless fishes were swimming onthe surface.

“Little Bai, look, how beautiful the scene is. But the brokenarm of XiangLan always appears in my mind along with those bleeding soldierswho lost their arms and legs in the battle. Chiang Kai-shek want a compromisewith negotiation but the battle on Bridge LuGou grows more intense. Did youknow the regiment commander JiXingWen who defend the Bridge had sacrificed hislife in a fierce battle there? So many wounded soldiers were carried off thefront line and our first-aid team rescues them day and night. Many brave youngmen of us even went to into the entrenchment of front line in spite of thegunfire……”

My! I thought you have something in the depth of your heart totell me. It’s nothing but this!” BaiShiWu couldn’t hide his disappointment. Hesuddenly held tight the hand of LiuMing and said: “We should whisper the wordsof love before the flowers and under the moon, but you just talk about yourwounded soldiers under the appreciated moonlight. Little Liu I know that youare patriotic. I tell you I have the same feeling and how can I not concern thefate of my country and the situation at the front! But we have tried our bestand it is quite enough. It isn’t an easy thing for us to meet tonight. Shouldn’twe take the chance and talk something personal?”

“Yes. I want to talk something personal.”

“What’s that? I am waiting for it.” BaiShiWu turned exitedagain and his eyes were blinking with light of hope.

“I am worrying about my future. The school lesson had beensuspended and I don’t know when we can return to the class. Further moreBeiPing is highly possible to be occupied by Jap soon. What shall I do by then?……”

Oh. You still have such kind of thing in the mind. But I tellyou that’s easy. We can go to the remote place. If we have money we can goanywhere!”

“Again I shall follow you! You want to make me affiliated toyou, isn’t it? Little Bai, you do not understand me.” LiuMing choke with sobs. Shecouldn’t help showing her worry.

BaiShiWu, couldn’t help laying his hand on the shoulder ofLiuMing. He murmured to her ears:

“My dear, I am willing to sacrifice anything for you. Do you believein it? You can do what you like provided we can be together.”

LiuMing suddenly realized it: the arms of BaiShiWu wereenclosing tighter and tighter. She suddenly jumped up and stared at the smartyoung face gilded with moonlight taking several deep breathes then shook herhead to say:

“Look, you have consumed all the sweat words. You said you arewilling to sacrifice for me but why didn’t you follow me to Bridge LuGou. Youcan’t even catch up with MiaoHong’s boyfriend who went to the front line also. Whyare you disabled to leave your Wang villa even for a step?

Little Liu, you treat me wrong! I would have died under yourpink skirt. I thought of you everyday, every minutes and seconds, how can I notwilling to follow you? But my parents served as pliers that pinched me so hard.Never mention going to Bridge LuGou, they sent WangSheng and LiShun, two spies,to follow me even if I went to your house. When I went into your house theyjust stay out side, and how can I have any freedom!”

“But how can you organize the donation? Didn’t you lead yourclassmate for the activity? ”

“My parents saw the general trend so they let it be. Theyshould take care of the influence. But even so they send WangSheng and LiShunto follow me. ”

LiuMing took a fright, she looked around.

BaiShiWu showed his canine and smiled. He said they knew todayis for walk out with his girlfriend so the two spies did not follow.

“My little Liu, take it easy. If they dare follow us at presentI should broke down their teeth. Come, let’s walk side by side and talk. But Ihave a requirement: shall we hold our hands together.”

On the path that linked the five-dragon pavilion and thelakeside, the summer breeze carries in the penetrating fragrance of flowers,thick and light. The boy and the girl dipped themselves in the smell: they walka while, lean on the green shaded railing for a while, her small nimble handbeing held in his smooth one all the time.

Its ten o’clock at night and LiuMing just arrived at home. Thetime she stepped into the house her father LiuQingQuang was reading thenewspaper on his small bed. When he saw his daughter came in he rose up fromthe bed holding the newspaper in the hand and staring at her to say in anger:

“Which prince did you go out with? When is it? And you stillhave the leisure! Look, what’s on the newspaper! ”The old man threw the paperto LiuMing:

Liu hurried to search for the article her father marked with ared circle with the pen. It is a report by journalist FanChangJiang—By BridgeLuGou. A hot line report:

LiuMing stood under the dim light and hurried up reading in lowvoice:

“The gradually increasing number of conflicts between China and outside forces indicates that China is risingup day after day. Their original policy is to demolish China todestroy the unification and up—rise of the country. Their intention is incontrary to our hope of struggling out a way to live. This basic conflict inconcept indicated that the conflicts will be kept on hot line. ”

“Last year we had retreated from the communication junctureFengTai that links PingHan rail line, BeiNing rail line and PingSui rail line.This year incident also happened at the unique transportation center in thecenter of North China—Bridge LuGou on thePingHan line. What all these things accounted for?”  

“July the 7th, Japanese army launched a night assaultat Bridge LuGou. Bridge LuGou run from east to west across river YongDing inparallel to the railway bridge of PingHan line with thelater stand on the north. To the east of the stone bridge locates city WanPing.Only one battalion from the 29th  Route Army stationed on the bridge by the timetaking defense. July 7th the Japanese Army marched to the east ofthe Bridge at night, but the defense army received an ambiguous decree todefend but not to open fire first. The situation made it very difficult toexecute the ambiguous order and the reinforced army couldn’t take any action insight of the enemy’s activity in the city. Now the Jap made a night assault tothe bridge we have no other choice but to fight……Theregiment commander JiXingWen who stationed 5 or 6 mile away at ChangXinDian perceivedthe lost of Bridge LuGou then got angered…… Under the soldier’s duty, he led hisin-grieved and angered soldiers to take the decisive advance. By the night ofJuly the 8th the shady river YongDing disguised hundreds of valiantcountry defense warriors. All in an instance they outburst with their shiningbayonets and rolling shouting, the sound interweaved on the Bridge LuGou. MorningJuly the 9th, citizens by the bank discovered piles of bodies on theriver bed and the defense army changed to our valiant warriors from the 29thRoute Army…… ”   

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Analysis: LiuMing’s in contradictory psychologically, she should make achoice between the life before flowers under the moon and the life of patrioticcontribution. She gradually felt BaiShiWu is not the ideal boyfriend in hermind, too selfish and cold hearted towards the anti-Japanese activity. The warat Bridge LuGou is on the hot line, but the defense army had to fight insolitude for most of the army as we know had retreated from North China. According to historical record, by that time the Japanesearmy had not been reinforced. The Jap was involving in war production and armytraining. They had quartered in Chinafor more than 7 year by that time and if GuoMingDang party had thought ofrooting out the Jap they should have opportunity before the Jap grew strongerand stronger, but they just wait and retreat.   
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“You don’t need to read all!” LiuQingQuan grabbed the newspaper from his daughter’s hand then pointed to a few lines ofthe same report under which he marked with red pen dots. He said: “Read this!”

“The local people’s patriotic spirit of sacrificing for the country was full exampled around ChangXinDian zone. Most ofthe civil labors worked day and night without payment and a good rest. What Iwant to inquire is why the sixth region of WanPing County shall shoulder the burden of nation wide anti-invasion support individually?

“I saw labors between fifty and sixtyyears old, they couldn’t tolerate the labor days and night without a break and got swollen all over…… There is a carrier of sixty-five who has only two children and adonkey for the household. He was called for the front line service busycarrying days and nights without a chance to return for many successive days. He couldn’t be at ease with his household. One day he took the chance of sending lunches and slipped home to have a look by an extra ten miles walk, for whichhe was caught on his way back. The sergeant thought he escaped privately and fined him an extra ten days work. He said to me: ‘An extra ten days is nothing but if you mean I escape the time of national defense I can’t agree!…… ”  

At this, LiuMing couldn’t continue. Shepinched the newspaper and held her father’s thin hand tight speaking in aquivering voice:

“Father, I am sorry. You care so muchof the national events…… I as a young even can’tmatch you this way……”

“You were called out to play with the dandy again, wasn’t it?” a slight smile appeared on her father’s face.

“We went to the BeiHai Park.”LiuMing couldn’t lie so she told the truth: “He is like a snake that wrestles tight with me.”   

“You shouldn’t only throw blames on others and you should make the decision for yourself. Look the situation is onthe hot line and you should never always enjoy the life before the flowers and under the moonlight later. You can’t even catch up with the carrier!”

LiuMing did not fear her quarrelsome mother but afraid of her reticent father somehow. Father let her read the newspaper as if to add up a stone weight in her heart. She fell on her bed meditating the present events, her relation with BaiShiWu and all were in amess. Suddenly the sound of aircraft engine thundered through the air. Her little brother LiuFang jumped up from the bed. He just lied down and hadn’tfallen asleep. The boy opened the door then jumped into the yard. This moment there are many noises in the courtyard:

“The state air force is coming. They arecoming! Great! The Chinese aircraft!……”

“No! No! No! That’s Jap’s. Look at the plaster like flag print!”

“Look! The tail is smoking! Tail smoke!…… Andthe leaflets, they drop leaflets again!”

A while later LiuFang went to his sisterwith a piece of leaflet in his hand. He stared at sister and murmuring:

“Look! Sister, the Jap release leaflets again! The airdrop! I’m infuriated! Where are our aircrafts? Did they all dropinto the sea to feed the turtles? ”   

LiuMing took the leaflets and surveyed: the same monotony had been dropped for several times—the Declaration of NorthChina National Salvation Committee. It says the Japanese has no real intension to invade China, and it isthe Chinese government who deserted north China. It also says that the No. 29th Army is not capable of defense so the people in north China shall be independent like the Manchu and Mongolia…… LiuMing tore off the leaflet furiously and threw it onto the ground. She stared at her littlebrother and said in anger:

“How should you pickup the stuff! It is all but nonsense!”

“It is not you only, we are all infuriated! Why our 400 million Chinese can’t defeat a small Japan?
…… Somecurse the Jap while others curse the Chiang Kai-shek. They are expecting our aircraft with the print of blue sky and bright sun but all those incoming are red yolk like flags. ”LiuFang put aside the phrase of sun flag and invented the phrase for depreciation. Their mother was frightened and  

“It is really boring!” LiuMing had not turned her face away from it did the machine gun shots thunder. The window papers are shaking with sound. Teapots and teacups are shaking and falling ontothe ground.

“Say, you two. Slip under the bedquickly!…… Hurry up! It’s an eminent catastrophe. My!……”LiuMing embraced her little brother, clenched her lips firm without saying anything.

Analysis: Yes, I also want to ask: “Where are our aircrafts?” But thereare none. All the GuoMingDang party’s aircrafts are imported from either American or German. The whole country could not manufacture a single truck never mention airplanes. As for the imported air-fighters their number isaround 300, most of them had already retreated from north China to defense the then capital of NanJing and the prosperous YangZi Riverzone. But the Jap had more than 3000 self made advanced aircrafts so the 300 hundreds of those so-called ours were finally consumed in the later Battle of WuHan.

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Clouds gathered in the sky and thunder reverberating overBeiPing.

     The gun shots at Bridge LuGou became intense for a while and died down for a while. Manycitizens are turning themselves into worried antsstruggling on the hot pan. The price of grain skimming high and the price of daily necessities rise along with it. But when the chief inspector SongZheYuanfrom the inspection committee called for labors to collect sacks and fill insoil in building of street barricade, people volunteered for it busy under thescorching sun. They are preparing barricades on communication strategic pointfor the street fighting in a few days.

     Two young men arestrolling and watching by the barricades at inner-street around XuanWu Gate. Theytouched on the waist high barricades with gloomy look appeared in their eyes. Oneelderly with glasses said to the other clerk like young:

“WangJingWei in the GuoMingDang party is still shouting: ‘Thetime for final sacrifice has not yet come. Never mention sacrifice easily!’”July the ninth Chiang Kai-shek ordered his diplomatic department to seekcompromise with the Japanese—to negotiate on retreat and dream for a peacefulresolution to North China war affairs……”

But what happened here?” The other onelooked around in worry. He made sure there’s no other one nearby then said inlow voice: “Teacher, we haven’t met for several days. The situation is on thefast change and I know so little about it. Would you please tell me something?”

“Approach me!” the man with glasses dragged him nearer, “Thesecond day after the Bridge LuGou incident, the communist party had already broadcastedto the whole nation from north ShanXi province that they insist on fightingagainst the Japanese imperialist’s invasion. They proposed to defend north China, todefend the whole nation. The situation is endangered and the nation is on theverge! The 29th Route Army fight valiant and hard, that’s no an easyfight. I think all these street barricade won’t be put into use……”

Teacher, I also realized the endangeredsituation. I couldn’t fall asleep or ate anything these days. The citizen inBeiPing also behave like this…… Teacher, just now you said these barricades won’t be put intouse. Do you mean the 29th  Route Army will retreat? But they fight valiantlyand enthusiastically against the Jap!”  

“The GuoMingDang party withheld their armies but the Japanesearmy was constantly reinforced from north of the great wall through ShanHaipass. In view of this, how ever valiant the 29th Army is thesolitarily fighting unit can not change the general condition of the weakagainst the strong and the minority against the majority!”   

Then the two of them shut off. In view of the solitudebarricades new and old that seemed to be shaking in the wind, they sighed andnodded their heads:

“Let’s talk about something else. Is there any progress for thecompany business?” the man with glasses inquired keenly.

“All the purchased cargoes were transported by the train. Thereis still a sum that has not been cashed out for goods for all the merchants refusedto sell as the war at Bridge LuGou provoked. As for the train, that all thecommunication linking BeiPing was cut. I just worry about the business so Iinvite you for this talk to seek a way out.”

“I understand the difficulties you encountered but anyhow thisdeal shall be made!”

“Yes, I have the some idea.” The clerk like young man noddedhis head and walk ahead in silence for a while. Then they arrived at the gateof a cinema where a blond lady was printed on the wall for advertisement andtwo lines for propaganda boldly invaded into their eyes:

Fragrance Filled the Courtyard agenuine romantic love story with true music are on the show. This performed bythe shining singing star Diana DuPing.

The painting advertisement occupied a whole face of wall andthey had to frown with a bitter smile on the depressed face. They thought ofthe young and old, men and women from all walks of life who built the streetbarricade with sand bags filled with soil. They work under the scorching sun andprepare for a decisive battle against the Jap. But this cinema still put theromantic film on show. The clerk like young man sighed:

“Is this from the poem which says the art women can notunderstand the hatred of state perishing? Teacher I would like to return to mymother’s but the business had not accomplished yet and how can I leave?”

“Don’t be hurry. Little Cao, I am afraid you can return to yourmother’s these days. For other things we can cope together.”

The young man called little Cao happened to be the CaoHongYuan.He was sent here by communist party in YanAn to purchase medicine. The man whoaccompanied him called ZhangYi, his former teacher and friend. Now he is alsothe party leader of CaoHongYuan in BeiPing. They are meeting for the arrangementof medicine purchase.

“Little Cao, can you see the anti-Japanese tide was stirred uphigher after the Bridge LuGou incident? Now it is absolutely the thing.”ZhangYi took out his handkerchief to sweep off the dust and sweat on hisglasses while walking.

“Teacher, you must have some hint behind the question, isn’tit?” the clever CaoHongYuan realized it as soon as Zhong prompt with thequestion.”

ZhangYi smiled:

“You hit the point. How to conquer the difficulties? We shoulddepend on the patriotic mass. We should depend on them to win the war. Itshould be very clear for you.”

Cao did not prompt with an answer for this. He thought it oversilently. A while later Cao realized and stood square to hold tight the handsof ZhangYi, his eyes blinking with excitement.

Analysis:The 29th Route Army was deserted but they did not give up. The enemy out numbered them and being reinforced constantly. BeiPing is hopeless now, but people did not desert their hope, theyare busy building barricades for street fighting. To the contrary the government which held responsible for the country defense is seeking compromise. “The time has not yet arrived for a final sacrifice!” but when isit the time? The answer should be “Whenever it is not the time” for theWangJingWei finally turn into No.1 national traitor and subject to the Jap.  

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所谓英文敏感词汇是“大汉奸”。这个英文解析最精彩。我说的是汪精卫说:“牺牲未到最后关头” 实际上对汪精卫来说这个“最后关头”永远也不会到来。因为他后来做了中华民族的第一大汉奸。我不知道为什么三次都通不过?

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“Teacher, I have a way out. LiuMing and MiaoHong who I got toknow recently have something to do with the medical profession so we can manageto complete our task through them……” CaoHongYuan made abrief stop at this. He looked around then made a smile and said: “We can takeadvantage of this to make the deal. Is that all right?”

“Yes, you should complete the mission with the help of thosepatriotic acquaintances, new friends or old ones, who can aid you in thepurchase of demanded medicines. I have a cousin call HuaXing who work as an apprenticein YuFeng pharmacy XiShan Street.I can introduce him and let him help you. Now the 29th Route Army are stillfighting at the front we can take the excuse of first aid to the injuries andrefugees to make the purchase. If we have such legal reason then it would beeasier to complete our mission, is that so?”

ZhangYi’s words broadened the mind of CaoHongYuan all of asudden. The former stopped at an entrance of lane when they reached SiPaiarchway on XiShan Street.He held the hand of Cao and said in concern:

“Little Cao, you shrunk so much. It must be the malaria. Didn’tyou still have some currency handy? Why not take some to improve your livingand make treatment to your illness? You should take some quinine handy to healyour malaria. It is for better work, is that so?”

Cao smiled, he looked at ZhangYi full of appreciation:

“Please take it easy, my teacher. The slight unfit for mecounts nothing. Don’t worry about it. Shall we meet at the same place nexttime? I hope you can satisfy with your small fellow’s work by then, my manager.”

ZhangYi nodded slightly, he patted on the shoulder ofCaoHongYuan then looked around to make sure there’s no other man around. Hesaid in low voice:

“I believe in you. But you should take care of yourself. You’dbetter move to the city and it is more convenient. Or you can stay in my cousin’sfirst. My aunt is a kind hearted old woman. My cousin fled from north east China here andhe is clever as well as patriotic. If you can find a proper apartment laterthen you can move there later. You have to change your address constantly andkeep on alert all the time. Though Japanese is the No. one enemy of us but youknow
……”ZhangYi shook hishead and could not carry on the talk.

“Don’t worry about it, teacher. I have already moved insideGreat Wall from ZhangXinDian…… Your present talkwoke me to another truth, teacher……

“What’s it?”

“We shall depend on the mass!” Cao smiled naughtily,“ I mightalso be influenced by the defect of intellectuals that is to say to be deprivedof practice. Theoretically I know the truth but as I went to practice I put itwell behind me.”

“Then you move it in front of you, thus you look at it everyday and ready it several times a day so that you have it in your practice.”        

  ZhangYi is humorous,and the Cao who lived with a stone in his heart these days couldn’t helpsmiling.

“Tell me something about the LiuMing and CaoHong who you got toknow recently.” The two of them were walking slowly towards FuCheng Gate bynow.

“The two I mentioned are all university students, and they are enthusiasticon anti-Japanese activity……”Then Cao retold the story how he had encountered LiuMing andMiaoHong, as long as the story with WangFuKai and his son.

ZhangYi listened carefully, then smiled and spoke to Cao:

“The several friends you got to know recently are all good.Further more they are gratitude to you in some way or others. You shall spendmore time to persuade them and cultivate. Have this principle in the mind: anytime you shall not consider yourself as a vendor or a minor clerk. You shallrise up people as well. Just now you understand the theory but you shall bringthe principle from far behind to be in front of you—”

“Teacher what you said are all right, I would behave accordingly.You believe in me, do you?”

“But I still have something to say about you. You still havesome heroic taste in doing things and it is not stable enough. You did notpersuade and explain to that WangYongTai carefully and let him take his swordto kill the Jap, then you risk your life to follow and rescue him…… Do youfind anything improper in all these incidences?”

  CaoHongYuan flush. Fromhis teenage whenever he made any mistake in work it is this ZhangYi who pointedout and righted the wrong without any reserve. He himself is always willing toaccept it and improve. But today it is unexpected when he mentioned the thingswith WangYongTai again his improper behavior was pointed out. He flushed andmeditated for a while then felt teacher Zhang is quite right in his remark. Hehas the party responsibility here in BeiPing to purchase medicines, so in thoseheroic deeds and exposes might ruin himself and further bring great losses tothe party……

Teacher, I understand my bad habit now.I was influenced by the heroic tales I read in my childhood. In certaincircumstances, I couldn’t help standing out to give aid…… Believein me, teacher, I will change.”

“That’s good. Let’s call it a deal today and three days later Iwill introduce HuaXing to you.”  

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Analysis: We discovered that CaoYuanHong is one of the members from communist party and involved in the underground activity in medicine procurement for the red zone. He is too bold in his heroic actions but in the mean time it is just in his such behavior he got to know and familiar with LiuMing and MiaoHong, two students of value to mission. The underground activity looks like walking on the blade, to be too bold can expose too early and to be too reserve can achieve nothing. The communist party itself at that strategic time was put into very dangerous situation. They declare the Japanese invader to be the No.1 enemy but domestically the party is still expelled and hunted by the GouMingDang party in which the Ultra-right wing prevails.  

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This is a simple clinic. The out patient department and the wards are all dim and humid. Some lime coating came off the wall and the inner mixture of lime and soil exposed. Sunlight can even penetrate through several cracks of the ceiling. But that is the biggest hospital in BeiPing—the affiliated hospital of state medical academy. After the outbreak of Bridge LuGou incidence the hospital received injured from the front line several times over its capacity. The clerks, teachers, classmates and workers there for volunteer service all forgot about the dangers they faced and concentrate on their service work all day long there. The passion from the bottom of their hearts burst out to care for the valiant injured warriors of the 29th Route Army. Though the hospital is simple and of bad condition, everywhere filled with the bad smell of blood, urinate, defecates, perspiration and the hum of the flies like a refugee camp, doctors, students, clerks and workers were all busy with their work in spite of all these. One after another injured after operation were pulled out of the operation room and the service man waiting outside pulled them back to the words carefully and put them carefully on the closely arranged beds.

      It had been three days after LiuMing returned to the medical academy. In these three days LiuMing were busy with her service word day and night, she worked as doctor, nurse and service labor alternatively, cleaning urinates and defecates sometimes while feeding and help drinking at other times. In view of those valiant soldiers who had their arms and legs broken a mixed feeling of pain, indignant and grieve rose up in her. But the time she concentrate on the service that BaiShiWu should prompt out such kind of words! LiuMing wearied from these three days but she is not willing to quarrel with him, so she held her temper, smiled and said:

“BaiShiWu, help me to turn over this injured man, otherwise he will have bedsore.”

BaiShiWu Followed LiuMing’s words accordingly and helped her girlfriend with this or that. But as time passed he got bored and sat on the small bench sweeping his sweats on the face with a piece of handkerchief. He said to LiuMing impatiently:

“Are you tired? Little Liu, why not take a short break? How about going out to take in breathes of fresh air and have a cup of ice-cream? ”

“Ice-cream is all what you know!” LiuMing lowered her voice and glanced at him in disfavor, “The soldiers are experiencing life and death for the country but you are always thinking of ice-cream. If you like it you take it by yourself. I won’t try!” then she added up, “You can’t even match my father in this way, he would look down upon me if I did not focus on the work……”  

BaiShiWu helplessly looked at the serious and graceful face, he sighed then took out his fan unfolded it and fanned while walking out in low spirit. But one or two hours later this Bai returned with a pack of delicately packed western dessert in his hand along with another pack of green apples. He handed the stuff to LiuMing and said:

“You are so endeavoring in the work and could forget your hunger…… Look what I brought to you, it’s my favored delicacies for my……” BaiShiWu want to say “To my dearest!” but he dare not so managed with “Hurry up with them!” then sunk into silence.

LiuMing received all these fruits and delicacies then she opened the box to have a look inside and turned to the injured man who just had his blood pressure measured. She took out a pastry and an apple to put on his pillow side then speak in low voice:

“Please take these!” then she take the rest pastries and apples and give out to other badly wounded.

BaiShiWu stunned at this and got angry in his heart, but he dare not stop it so stand up and walked to the tap to wash his hands as if repair to do something for the injured. He whispered to LiuMing while washing his hands:

“What can I say about you? Yes, they are the injured but you are human beings yourself. How can you care nothing about your health? Let’s leave here. You have worked day and night for three successive 24 hours. Please take a rest!”

“If you want to take care of yourself then never be here! I am not tired and need not the rest!” LiuMing stared wide her blood colored eyes and quarreled with Bai impatiently.

The time BaiShiWu took his leave in depression a tall handsome young fellow appeared by LiuMing’s side. She realized it is the newly acquainted CaoHongYuan and soon handed over the spoon in her hand to BaiShiWu.

“Bai, please feed this injured. I have something to do and will be back soon. ” Then she turned to Cao nodded and smiled.

“Cao sir, how can you find me here? Let go out for the talk. It’s too noisy here.”

Cao also nodded and smiled. They went through a corridor crowded with injured soldiers opened a small door that led them into a courtyard with some small trees scattered around.

There is a bench not yet occupied, the two sat themselves on. Cao looked at her over tired eyes wove in blood streaks and said in low voice:

   “Miss. Liu, are you still in the first-aid? That must be a weary work. The 29th army was fighting valiantly in the bloody battles around WanPing. That’s a fierce war and the day before even the army commander TongLinGe had sacrificed……”

The eyes socket of LiuMing turned red for the instance. She realized Cao is asking for something from her. She turned to face him with tears in the eyes as if to say:

“Is there anything? Please tell me.”

Cao understand the Liu is very busy with her work at present, so he got to the point directly.

“Miss Liu, you are a student from the medical academy and now you work with the hospital. Can you help us buy some medicine? Now the drug store on the market forestalled the medicine like other business. They are not willing to sell in quantity.

“My! Medicine?” LiuMing inquired in suspect, “for whom and how many?”

“Look the war is taking more and more intense. I’m afraid it will be getting worse. We collected a sum and prepare to buy some medicine for fighting warriors. It is a very important thing in war time. Can you give some aid? You won’t mind my directness, will you?”

Analysis: The war is no the barbarous and the hospital crowded with injured warriors. But the medical and hospital condition then looks very poor. The anti-invasion war can not be considered as individual behavior of the army. The anti-Japanese activity had already abandoned by the centre government of Chiang Kai-shek but people did not give up. They gave aid to and provide first aid and all possible support to the 29th Route Army which fight in total solitude. It well presented to us the anti-Japanese trend originates from the people and the war is people’s war. Compare with the ambiguity of the Chiang Kai-shek regime the attitude of Chinese people is clear and firm, even the state army involved themselves in the anti-invasion war later they were pressed and enforced by the people.   

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“The war is no the barbarous”(F)
"The war is on the barbarous" (T )
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